Working for the Mouse and other plays
By Trevor Allen

(c) 2016 all rights reserved

Published by EXIT Press, San Francisco

265 pages

Comedy and Drama. Adult themes and situations.

A collection of five plays by the author: Working for the Mouse, Lolita Roadtrip,
The Creature, Tenders in the Fog and Chain Reactions.

This is a limited edition, numbered and signed by the author and then personalized for you on the title page. Thank you for supporting a living playwright by buying these plays!

Working for the Mouse (and other plays)


    Working for the Mouse

    (and other plays) a book by Trevor Allen


    A new collection of five fantastical plays

    Working for the Mouse, The Creature, Lolita Roadtrip, Tenders in the Fog & Chain Reactions.

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    Read the book's introductions

    by Paul Walsh:

    Professor of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at Yale School of Drama

    by Kent Nicholson:

    Director at Playwrights Horizons, New York

    by Rob Melrose:

    Founding Artistic Director, The Cutting Ball Theater, San Francisco