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Chain Reactions


Chain Reactions

2 Men, 2 Women

60 Minutes



Three interwoven fugue-like stories are held together by a young physicist who is a mother-to-be. The piece is an experiment with theatrical form and structure, which is influenced by musical composition as well as quantum theory. It combines Einstein, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and the view through a goldfish bowl in an exploration of the nature of reality, morality and the consequences of our actions. This thought-provoking piece won Best of the San Francisco Fringe Festival in 2000, where it was staged inside the Morrison Planetarium in Golden Gate Park.


"The audience is in on something in the making here, as writer-director Trevor Allen concocts a suite of beguiling monologues, quartets and one duet for a company of four absorbing voices." - San Francisco Chronicle



 WATCH  a clip from Chain Reactions




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