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Working for the Mouse

(and other plays)



Working for the Mouse

"Very funny... Mouse is an uplifting comic tale well told... Comparisons with David Sedaris' hilarious Santaland Diaries are obvious."

     - San Francisco Chronicle

"Amusing, skillful, and contagiously warmhearted... You may not believe your ears (or Pluto's) on this unofficial guided tour behind the scenes... C is for 'See it real soon.'" 

     - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Fascinating... Infectious... He's got more than a magic bag full of fun anecdotes, and the charisma of Peter Pan to pull off telling them." 

     - San Francisco Examiner

"Vivid... Touching... If you've ever had a job that looked like a dream from the outside and a fevered hallucination from the inside, you'll want to see Working for the Mouse... Allen shares his Disneyland experience with warmth, style, and tremendous humor." 

     - East Bay Express​

"Hilarious... touching... perfectly wonderful. Even Walt would have laughed."

     -San Jose Mercury News


The Creature

"Allen strips away almost two centuries of stage and one of film melodrama to get to the heart of Shelley's 1818 novel. He mixes and matches its three narrators' stories to bring out the thematic parallels between the hubris of Frankenstein's attempt to create life and Captain Walton's polar expedition, and their contrast with the Creature's simple need for love. It's Allen, though, who's skillfully reassembled the body parts to build this monster."
     - San Francisco Chronicle


Lolita Roadtrip

"Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to tell stories," says (the) determined but fragile graduate student in Trevor Allen's "Lolita Roadtrip." The little girl isn't the only one. Stories - true, false and in between - intersect, overlap and jostle each other to telling effect in the world premiere.”

     - San Francisco Chronicle


Congratulations to San Jose native Trevor Allen, whose play, "Lolita Roadtrip," had its world premiere Saturday night at San Jose Stage Company. The packed house for opening night responded with a standing ovation for the show, a multi-layered drama that uses "Lolita" author Vladimir Nabokov's 1941 journey from New York to Stanford University as a springboard for a modern tale that echoes his famous novel.

     - San Jose Mercury News (Pizarro)


Mystery, history and the puzzle of the subconscious intertwine in Trevor Allen's beguiling new play. The playwright best known for "The Creature" and "Tenders in the Fog" riffs on Nabokovian themes in this captivating piece in its world premiere,… Allen writes such vivid monologues that each of his characters instantly seduce the imagination, although we only here snatches of their tales. One speaks and then another cuts off the reverie, so that we hear each story in counterpoint to the one that came before, like a chaotic musical composition…The playwright beautifully captures the vertigo of burning with love in a chilly universe.

     - San Jose Mercury News (D’Souza)


Tenders in the Fog

"The skill of the telling is in Allen's arrangements of the word music in his spoken ballad. ...ambitious and intriguing... mesmerizing... Allen capably increases the tension as the story reaches its climax, with a light tip of his hat to Orson Welles' version of War of the Worlds."

     - San Francisco Chronicle


"Not since the heyday of Adrienne Barbeau horror flicks has fog had this much stage presence..."

     - San Jose Mercury News


Chain Reactions

"The audience is in on something in the making here, as writer-director Trevor Allen concocts a suite of beguiling monologues, quartets and one duet for a company of four absorbing voices."

     - San Francisco Chronicle

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