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Tenders in the Fog 

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Tenders in the Fog 

3 Men, 1 Woman

90 minutes


A Shanachie, or traditional Irish storyteller, tells the tale of the Bailey Banshee and the ghost ship, Trinity. As the audience meets the crew of the doomed ship (three generations of fishermen) the Shanachie becomes a shape-shifting Banshee, taking on different guises in a siren-like attempt to lure the men into the sea. The story is a haunting and fugue-like exploration of the lives of three men and their relationships to each other and the sea as well as a possible explanation of their sudden disappearance.


"The skill of the telling is in Allen's arrangements of the word music in his spoken ballad. ...ambitious and intriguing... mesmerizing... Allen capably increases the tension as the story reaches its climax, with a light tip of his hat to Orson Welles' version of War of the Worlds."

- San Francisco Chronicle


"Not since the heyday of Adrienne Barbeau horror flicks has fog had this much stage presence..."

- San Jose Mercury News





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