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Mile 44 Financial District




MILE 44 "Upside Down"


LOCATION: Financial District




(A man in a suit standing on his head)


Sometimes when I get dressed. In the morning… At four, in the morning. Before the coffee has kicked in. I work down at the stock exchange. We're on Manhattan time. Well, sometimes. I'm tempted. To put my suit on... Upside down. To fit my legs into my shirt sleeves. And my arms into my pant legs. Leave the fly unzipped. And stick my head through the hole and button up. And so my tie wouldn't drag on the ground. I'd walk on my hands. Like I did back in college. R.B.U. Ringling Brothers University... Clown College. I've got big hands… And you know what they say? Big hands, big feet... big shoes. In fact I think my hands are the same size as my feet. They should fit. I doubt if anyone at my office would even notice. As long as I was on time. I've always been a nonconformist. But to be really independent… Really free… You have to have money. Right now I can't afford… to be eccentric. Well, as eccentric as I want to be. But in a few years… When my ship comes in, look out.


He walks away... on his hands.



 LISTEN  to a clip from 49 Miles
Performed by Paul Silverman

Recorded by black box
music by Curious Quail
"Apart we are together"

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