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Mile 35 Buena Vista Park




MILE 35 "I'm not a cowboy"


LOCATION: Buena Vista Park



"Cowboy" Sam

(Sitting at a Bus Stop)

Howdy! My bus didn't come today. It was supposed to. It didn't come to pick me up. The lady said that it would. The lady with the big hair. Who sometimes watches over me. She told me to wait here. I been here all day… My bus didn't come. Lots a other kinds of buses came- Seventeen… I counted. They call me Cowboy. 'cause of my hat. Jimmy give it to me. He's my friend. He said it could keep the rain off. He said there's a lot of water up there. And I gotta keep dry. He told me to keep my head down. And keep my nose clean. And keep takin' my med's. And it'll be alright. Everything'll be alright. Every day... everyday... every- Why don't the bus come? Don't call me that. I'm not a cowboy! It's just to keep the rain off. Does it look like I'm riddin' a horse? Dumb people. President “W” Bush-baby wore this kinda hat. And he's not a cowboy… he's a "Fuckin' Republican." Jimmy told me that. Jimmy's not though. He's… well somethin' else. Something waaaaaay other. Like an alien. Not from space though… like me. From here. Yeah. Hey, have you seen my bus? It's a little yellow one. I want to go back to the home now. Do you know where my bus is? It's getting dark. (pause) Maybe I’ll get a cab. A little yellow one… not the one’s with the mustache’s they don’t like me. I don’t have a phone. (pause) Oh, here it comes! Good talkin’ to ya “tape man!” Gotta go! 


He gets on his bus.



 LISTEN  to a clip from 49 Miles
Performed by Scott Slagle

Recorded by black box
music by Curious Quail
"Apart we are together"

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