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49 Mile Play Podcast Project


We will be posting one new "mile monologue" audio recording each week over the course of 2020 (49 in all). Come with us on a trip around San Francisco's 49 Mile Scenic Drive. One voice at a time.  
Click on a mile image or click on a mile number on the map below.

 LISTEN  to clips from the 49 Mile Play

Click on a "mile#" on the map or on a photo from that location below...



Based on the stage play, 49 Miles by Trevor Allen

Originally co-produced by Crowded Fire Theatre and Black Box Theatre

at The EXIT Theatre on Taylor in San Francisco 

4 Men, 3 Women 

120 Minutes

Available for production

Contact for performance rights CLICK HERE


This play encapsulates the wanderings of a homeless writer (a John Doe), who records other people's conversations on a tape recorder as he travels San Francisco's 49 Mile Scenic Drive, until he's hit by a tour bus. As he lies dying, a crowd of seven people gathers around him and then acts out his memories of the drive. Utilizing monologues that seamlessly blend into rich, overlapping dialogue, this is an orchestral play that suggests, like stars in a constellation, all people are interconnected, no matter their racial, sexual, or political background. Written for a multicultural cast of seven actors who then play more than 60 characters, from homeless philosophers, jealous husbands, society women, stand-up comics and even a new age Emperor Norton all converge and separate, while buffalo and wild parrots make cameo appearances in this play for San Francisco natives and tourists alike.

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