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black box

black box  - An electronic device whose function is known but whose internal performance is a mystery.


black box recorder  - Any equipment which records the performance data of a vessel during a voyage.


black box theater  - An infinitely flexible performance space named for its black, box-like appearance.  - A digital theatre company dedicated to new live performance.

PLAYS by Trevor Allen
black box news 
The Creature
an audio play by Trevor Allen
LISTEN HERE a digital theatre company


You may have noticed that we spell theatre with an "RE"? Well, it's not out of pretension or because we're English, we're not (We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area). It's simply because we want to distinguish our digital theatre company from movie theaters on the web. Also, when we formed black box during the first ".com boom" in San Francisco back in the year 2000, we chose this URL for our "best of the fringe" show, Chain Reactions which was performed inside the Planetarium in Golden Gate Park... and we've had the name ever since. 

If you'd like to learn more about our upcoming shows, events and projects, please make sure you're on our email list HERE
(We promise not to trade or sell your info)


This is an exciting time to be performing live theatre! What happens in a small black box theatre space can be made digital and go global.


Looking forward!



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