Black Box com?

black box: An electronic device whose function is known but whose internal performance is a mystery.

black box recorder: Equipment which records the performance data of a vessel during a voyage.

black box theater: An infinitely flexible performance space named for its black, box-like appearance. A digital theatre company dedicated to new live performance

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Trevor Allen
founder and
resident playwright


Theatre Bay Area

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  • Trevor is working on a commission for San Jose Rep called Valley of Sand. Look for readings in 2013

  • Working for the Mouse enjoyed successful runs in Berkeley and San Francisco in 2011 -- and it may roar again in 2013

  • Lolita Roadtrip by Trevor Allen played April 2011 at San Jose Stage Company

  • The Creature by Trevor Allen (produced in 2009) garnered Critics Circle nominations for: Entire Production; Performance, Male (both James Carpenter & Gabriel Marin); Director (Rob Melrose, winner!); Original Script (Trevor Allen)

  • The Creature is available for future productions: email

  • Check out the podcast recorded live at the Magic Theatre Oct. 29 2007
    Click here to listen to the podcast